Ian Ellis Brunell

Born and raised in Philadelphia, Ian studied Film and Media Arts at Temple University - leading him in pursuit of a career as a camera technician in Los Angeles. His photographs bridge a strong technical understanding of digital and analog formats with creative observation about people, lifestyles, agriculture, and food production. He focuses on using cameras to their full potential to create meaningful images about society and food. 


2010-2013 – B.A. Film and Media Arts, Minor in Spanish, Temple University, Philadelphia, P.A.
Early Graduation with Honors
Certification in International Standards of Soldering

Professional Experience Within the Film Industry

Camera Technician – Keslow Camera December 14 – Mid-November 15
Working directly with motion picture cameras for high-profile television and motion picture cameras. Working directly with camera teams to insure the crew has everything needed for production. Tasks include electrical work, mechanical repairs, and troubleshooting cameras and camera-related systems.

Utility Technician – Keslow Camera November 13 – December 14
Servicing and repairing camera support gear for high-profile television and motion picture productions. Various tasks around custom manufacturing, metal work, electrical work, and problem solving camera-related issues.

Various freelance camera positions; please inquire for detailed job descriptions.

Related Experience
Assistant Engineer – Temple University School of Communications and Theater August 12 – August 13
Responsible for repairing lighting equipment/grip equipment/camera support, cable manufacturing,
managing studios and studio lighting facilities.

Assistant Manager – Temple University Equipment Office, Philadelphia, PA June 11 – August 13

Strong history of manual labor, agricultural work, and community volunteering since the age of 16 that provided a foundation for current technical and mechanical skill sets and social interests. Inquire directly for details!

Strong experience shooting across  analog and digital formats with varieties of cameras (Arri Alexa, Alexa Mini, Amira, Red Dragon, Scarlet, Sony, Mirrorless Systems, Black Magic Cinema Cameras, Nikon, Canon, 4x5, 120mm, 35mm, underwater), Custom camera rigging, custom electrical work and manufacturing for camera systems.

Strong Influences

This list fluctuates, the first item, however, is something that will always ring true to me in terms of balance and work.

"The Three Disciplines" Video and quick lecture by Steven Berkowitz about creating meaningful work. "...you must have something to say, and the technical ability to present that statement clearly."
See more interesting concepts here.

"It's What I Do" The book from photographer Lynsey Addario. A strong, wise, and insightful account of life and work
from a female conflict photographer.
See more here.


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